CNAS Laboratory Testing Capabilities

Covering an area of 5,000 square meters, the Intelligent Testing Center is equipped with five test rooms and 230 sets of test equipment.
It can carry out more than 90 experiments for automobile part products.CNAS accredited the facility in October 2019.

Test room for the battery system
Test room for the motor system
Climatic environment laboratory
Mechanical environment laboratory
Electrical and electromagnetic compatibility laboratory
Build a World-class QA System
that Rivals Global Standards
Enhancing the system
Enhancing the system: By fully incorporating the ASES, the PESES, and the GK systems, we effectively integrate enterprise business practices into system standards, ensuring all-round connectivity and correlation among various systems, such as PLM, SAP, WMS, and MES.
Certificates and qualification
· Product functional safety certificate issued by SGS
· Laboratory certificate accredited by CNAS