Structural Design Capacity


· The coexistence of completely AUTOSAR-compliant software architecture and partially AUTOSAR-compliant software architecture, combined with model-based development (MBD) ASW software, enables rapid product iteration and upgrading.

· The software platform includes the underlying driver and CAN protocol stack (currently supports J1939, UDS, XCP, OSEK NM, and AUTOSAR NM).

· Possess comprehensive development tool scripts and upper computer development capabilities.

· AUTOSAR software architecture.

· Non-AUTOSAR software architecture.

Independent development of upgrade software for the upper computer
· The upgrade protocol is standardized to the Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) protocol. Independently developed upper computer for upgrading supports the CAN tools commonly used in and abroad.
Software testing technology

·Equipped with two sets of Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation test equipment (NI and DSpace), we can perform product tests by simulating the vehicle and battery models during the development stage, allowing for the early resolution of issues before physical vehicle testing.

·Possess end-to-end product testing ability and have rich experience in conventional, summer, and winter calibration.