System Architecture and Tools of R&D Software
Hardware Design Capability

• Capable of designing complex schematic diagrams, hardware, and layouts.

• Capable of hardware circuit and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) simulation, PCB thermal simulation, and product thermal simulation.

• Development capabilities meet ISO26262 functional safety requirements, and our engineers possess the ability to develop functional safety products.

• Capable of developing products for the entire power domain/vehicle body domain/vehicle control domain/central security gateway/central computing platform.

Software Development Capacity
• Proficient in high-pressure die casting, low-pressure die casting, gravity die casting, plastic product injection molding, sheet metal stamping, and other product processing techniques. Able to improve manufacturing defects during production to ensure a short, smooth, and fast product development cycle.
Automotive Grade Component Library
• It is equipped with a comprehensive automotive grade component library management system.